The Great Horse Trip

Gilles and Anna are riding around the world. Four continents, two people, one dog, and four horses.

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13 May 2014

What now?

Lots of people have been asking what we’re going to do with the blog, the photos from the trip, if anything.

The short answer is ‘Not a lot’. We didn’t do the trip with the idea of writing a book, or making a film, or even doing talks about it. ...

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Back to reality. A sandwich in Cloisters pub, Edinburgh. Packing up the hammock for storageThere it is - the Caribbean. We had wanted to get there with the horses but our decision was the right one for the moment. But we still missed Delta : she loved a beach. Arrived at the coast.Sleeping on the drive northCrossing the Orinoco - not by horse, but in the back of a pickup on our way to the coast